Saturday, 8 July 2017

Trevelyan's Mainframe - FILE: Surface, Severnaya / Twenty Years Removed

I hope you weren’t expecting a warm reception from this forthcoming level file, friend. You see, the snow covered surface surrounding Siberia’s Severnaya plateau region is among the harshest places to survive in the modern world. A true test of will, one might say. Perhaps for that reason, the Russian military’s space-based weapons division holds a remote station there that stands as the fourth level of GOLDENEYE 007. So, zipper up dear boy. After all, trespassers have been known to disappear underneath the miles of snow that never melts…

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Trevelyan's Mainframe - FILE: Runway, Service / Twenty Years Removed

Unfortunately, old boy, we’re in a bit of a rush here. As the Russian army quickly scrambles to pick themselves up behind you, you must prepare to make your daring escape! Welcome to the service runway for the chemical warfare facility #2, though it doesn’t do anyone any good to stick around too long… So, prepare yourself. It is time to blaze through the brief-yet-action-packed third level of GOLDENEYE 007.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Pierce Brosnan remembers Sir Roger Moore on Variety

Four-time James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan wrote a remembrance of former 007 star Sir Roger Moore, who has passed away last week, on today's issue of Variety. In the article, the GOLDENEYE star reflected on the impact Moore's career in his life, long before he succeeded him in the role of James Bond.